Sick of Hits Vol​.​1

by playlounge

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taken from the Reeks Of Effort cassette store day split with YRRS and Birdskulls. Available here:

thanks to lew ( for the artwork. lew is amazing.

recorded, mixed and mastered by dom james ( at soundsavers.


released July 9, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: grandma death
sorry i’m running late
i got caught in yesterday
tripping on puddles and splashing waves on to the tourists in this cave
i believe they’ve named it ‘my heart’.

have you found yr space?
in the back next to old rope and paper airplanes
another daniel look, at photographs i never took

i’m running out of tape
we crossed wires and celebrate
my rookie of the year mistake
i’m shaking. shaking.

a youth suicide
a phone call i never should have made.
Track Name: khaki scouts of north america
yr smart and dehydrated
so call it off
the finger slip that i've been waiting for could never last

woah oh oh
imagine this a map of the world

obsessed with architecture
i shouldn't care so much
spark me something familiar
a smile for good luck

here have flowers