Kitten Frenzy

by playlounge

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Also found on a split cassette with Joanna Gruesome released by Reeks Of Effort -


released September 24, 2011

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dom James. Sometime in September 2011 in Redditch, England



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Track Name: Orange Friends
outside the sky is golden
and everyone is swimming in fallen leaves
i liked it better before it was better
tongue tied, for lack of a better word
and i spy the beginning of something
words so clever, i don't know that they mean

please take yr hands off of my eyes
and i'll look anywhere

those days, i recall being wonderful
and just let me say, 'how could i forget one of them'
loosen yr grip, it feels like i'm choking
and i'll go out in no attempt to forget everything
looking for new faces and looking for new deceit
visiting new places and trying to get to sleep
Track Name: Friendshift
let's pretend
that we're friends
unicorns outside the law

camera eyes
see through eyes
body bag
like you had my back

stop the clock
let's not talk
hold my breath
while i count to ten

glory days
fade away
break my bones
on yr way home
Track Name: Bohemian Rap City
hands by my sides
i'm sneaking glances, these eyes like cameras
i liked you better before you had an opinion
you liked me better before you had a conscience

can't you see that it's falling apart?
and don't you think that's exciting?
Track Name: He used to be more fun before Zoe Lee punched him in the heart
i wont apologise
this is the worst thing that you've ever done
i like the lie in the grass
but it makes my skin itch

we'd sit under trees
and watch the world crash into the sun

last night i thought about falling out my window
i promised i'd never tell