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'dye.' is on a compilation released by Something Something Records: somethingsomethingrecords.bandcamp.com

'Outside' is a cover of a band called Museum Mouth: museummouth.bandcamp.com/album/tears-in-my-beer-2

'The Turtle, The Balloon and The Whale' is on a compilation released by Reeks of Effort Records: reeksofeffort.bandcamp.com/album/leisure-rules


released August 17, 2012

Recorded by Dom James in Sam's room. Mixed and mastered by Dom James in Dom's room.



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Track Name: dye.
i can't see traffic lights
i am the fastest kid alive
steal me an alibi
i hope you fucking die

let me be yr best mistake
i'll make you a birthday cake
my legs will start to shake
down by the fire escape

you are the plane that crashed into the sky

there's something about the way you make me say things

why must we leave this place?
i'm going to break his face
so what if we're running late?
i need to talk to kate.
Track Name: Outside (Museum Mouth)
You write songs about getting over me
so I don't write songs anymore
my lust for life has decreased along with my
fakely clever lyrical techniques

I'm sorry Nabokov
I'm sorry Salinger
I'm sorry Edie
all my old heroes would hate me

I'm more clingy now than ever
always vocally sick
and when asked about my attachment
I'll vocally deny it
Track Name: The Turtle, The Balloon and The Whale
so sick of my own voice
i am yesterday's boy
she was a car crash
and i was the tarmac

let's hide in between walls
and rip all our skin off
i'll make jokes with grown ups
i wish that i was one

all i hear is laughter
so heavy my head hurts
i'm not just a number
do you want to play sega?