fan fiction

by playlounge

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released June 15, 2014



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Track Name: fan fiction
you got your palms wet deep in conversation
i gave it my best shot now call me the victim
i'm not feeling any better for what feels like forever
thunder and lightning just another second
hey darling i hate your favourite record

it feels like, summer

i heard a whisper, 'he thinks he's fucking clever'
i got a blister pretending that i'm better
take my hand and lead me somewhere i can sit and watch mallrats

x o x o
Track Name: day trip to the plague pit
if only you could wrap me up in warm jumpers and checkered shirts
i'd cut my hair. i'm so excited to see
will we still talk the same? when i go grey?
will we still talk the same words?


i started thinking of oceans and airplanes and new days
the photo album on repeat.
the photo album on repeat.