Family Portrait Split 7"

by playlounge

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Split 7" with Gum, Keel Her and Joanna Gruesome. Released on Art Is Hard Records.

You can buy it from them here:


released June 16, 2012

Recorded by Dom James in Sam's room. Mixed and mastered by Dom James in Dom's room.



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Track Name: Conor, Oh Burst?
in the sun, I had my shoes undone
I couldn't run. I couldn't run

these ties are not anti-social
my heart. the glove compartment.

tallest trees. we'll nestle in the leaves
and never leave. we'll never leave

I can't talk because I've got toothache
maybe I should just start drinking?

he said, 'take it out on me'.
he said, 'take everything'.

I wont grow up, I've already got bad luck
I wont grow up because it sucks.

Track Name: Revolution Summer
I miss our talks of life and love
I can't find the words
she cut off my tongue

I lost myself in hollywood

I've never heard his name
but I know that it's not spelt right
we make the same excuses every night.