Split 12" with Johnny Foreigner, Doe and Doctrines

by playlounge



released October 18, 2015

recorded by dom james & jonathan coddington at omstart studios, birmingham.
mixed & mastered by dom james.

stream in full: dogknightsproductions.bandcamp.com/album/dk082-playlounge-doe-johnny-foreigner-doctrines-split-12-ep



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Track Name: dukowski
we're waiting regardless of rain clouds
you'd see my keys on the table, i could stay out here for days
my father is leaving
he says, 'ths city never sleeps'

are we avocados?
are we okay?
i'll predict the weather, it's fine & we're safe
wild cats forever
speak soft & clearly
we wait up all night

i bet my eyes look crooked too
the sun burns the sky, orange & blue
time & a half, (at) two days notice
we'd daydream aquariums & days when outside was hotter than hell
i'll sweat better soon
then i'll sing my favourite song
Track Name: a-ok
lol at ex-fest 2014
we're looking for emma & hiding with dean

an eyesore, an accident
i think that i might try it

on a saturday night, we're making excuses to feel alright

the slowest year
we ate outside
that guy's a joke
& they're all loose ends