you say so's

by playlounge

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recorded by dom james & jonathan coddington at omstart studios, birmingham.
mixed & mastered by dom james.

additional vocals by roxy brennan.


released June 22, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: you say so's
if all you are is paper cups, then all i am is rotten luck
if all you are is paper
then all i am is paper

the summer smelt like daffodils
i've got butterflies again
we keep it loose like, 'who dares who'

one more time

her voice sounds smart
i'm dreaming with a drier mouth and a knotted tongue
you'd never drive me anywhere
you know that i grew up here

i said, 'plain sailing'
to all my friends in waiting
there's another hour for us to kill
we sit out back, complaining
drink coffee while it's raining
i am happy that you're happier still

a little trouble breathing
from colder air this season
there's no charm, just slurs in this open mouth
sleep underneath a mirror
my handwriting is messier
i'll be counting aches for days before you find out