Thrash Magic 12"

by playlounge

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recorded, mixed, mastered and studio stuff by dom 'RAGE' james.

this record is about daniel clowes comics and the oc and being a bad friend and adventures and *** *** and adolescence and movie script endings and south and east london nightlife and growing up and not growing up and boats and stuff.

thrash magic was recorded in sam's house and laurie's house and dom's house during august 2012.

released on 12" vinyl by Fear&Records

thnx pete and gareth


released October 22, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Cream Soda
don't say anything stupid I'm sailing around the world
I caught teen germs from another teenager
it hurts to swallow
I'm not as tired as I'm faking so I'll just lie
who could dream of big open roads and saturday morning cartoons and a place where no one knows my name?

sometimes it's just nice to have someone to talk to
I'd kill for another day
he just got a skeleton costume
well I hope that he crashes his car. I really do.

the best of friends
like I'd never forget
this is our happy home
this town I've never known
burning old boxes.
Track Name: The adventures of..
I see satellites
I won't ever tell anybody
about my age

I see sailboats
I hear them dancing
it's all the rage

do you want to go down to the river?
and drown our sorrows?
well I don't drink much. I don't drink at all
I'm choking on glitter.
Track Name: elephant
call the coast guard
tell him to check the waterfront for my clothes
and a letter to someone I don't know
can we forget that we never learnt how to be friends?
another verse about who hurt who and who hurt who worse.
is it the weekend? it is the end of the world?
I hope so.
I'm so tired of sleeping in my clothes

she was never one to get caught up in
foggy mountain, spit fountain, sic transit or cut from the team

where's yr affection?
smile sweetheart, can you see my ribs?
seth cohen wanna hang out and eat my fingertips?
long distance.
I'm sorry I couldn't keep you close
a lighter. a lion. the orange coast.
Track Name: Water Wings
I am not yr salvation
who wants to fall in love?
don't fall in love with me
I slur my speech

sore stomach
I've lost my appetite

I lie all the time
I'm no '...drunk kid'
don't fall in love with me
I've got bad teeth
Track Name: Seahorse
big kid I want to see you sweat
big kid I want to see you sweat
I caught fire. she was a jellyfish
wasting time and breaking fingers

I get so bored
his floor was litered with culture

sick bed. bed head.
I'd eat yr eyelids
a lucky star. so lucky

forget this
I think it's time I hid
from the monters that I created.
Track Name: Ghost grrrl
it's art school confidential
you lost yrself in internet pictures
I'll wait for you in between the panels
I hate yr guts I'm not joking I hate yr guts
who wants to fuck and get fucked?
hands up for bad luck
I want to cut off yr face and wear it to my birthday

we started something we couldn't finish
we started something new

I'm taller than you
do you want to stand on my shoulder?
hey little learning curve, I thought I knew you better
nothing less than a social mess
we'd sit and watch films for days and days and days
like if it ended, then you couldn't stay
let's hide like kids with backpacks
Track Name: Sweet tooth
I want to wear yr skin
but no one cares anymore
I'm so sick of you
I don't know where I'm going

it's high tide
it's alright
I'm not alright

I hate you
I hate you

there's nowhere left to swim
fashion me some water wings

daniel clowes
can I meet you?
you wrote my life